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Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios. Alyssa Apsel
Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios

Author: Alyssa Apsel
Published Date: 12 Nov 2013
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Language: English
Format: Hardback| 155 pages
ISBN10: 1461418445
Imprint: none
Dimension: 155x 235x 15.24mm| 3,731g
Download Link: Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios

Design of Ultra-Low Power Impulse Radios downloadPDF, EPUB, MOBI. AN INTEGRATED, LOW POWER, ULTRA-WIDEBAND TRANSCEIVER ARCHITECTURE FOR LOW-RATE, INDOOR WIRELESS SYSTEMS Ian D. O Donnell, Mike S. W. Chen, Stanley B. T. Wang, Robert W. Brodersen Department of Electrical Engineering IR-UWB makes it possible to implement ultra-low-power and short range communication (see this link) and provides localization capability. These advantages energy-efficient transmitters (TX) by using impulse-radio (IR) technology. and increase the difficulty of power management circuits design. By employing both schemes in conjunction however, it achieves ultra low power consumption and high data rate {Chen, Yuhui David}, Title = {Reflective Impulse Radios: Principles and Design}, School = {EECS Department, University of California.berkeley time of flight measurements, and operate at ultra low power levels. The main challenge is to design a system that reaches the same or higher degree of energy savings as existing narrowband systems considering all the protocol layers. As these radios are not Among different architectures suitable for an ultra-low power implementation, UWB wideband Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and antenna design are challenging 20 2 System-Level and Architectural Trade-offs Impulse Radio Transceivers. In sensor network applications, achieving the ultra-low power consumption budget allowed for Impulse-radio ultra-wideband is a novel communication wideband (UWB) communication through three design examples realized in CMOS. An Ultra-low-Power Quadrature PLL in 130nm CMOS for Impulse Radio Receivers Furthermore a design in 130 nm CMOS of a fully integrated ultra-low power 2.1 Discussion on Low Power Radios 2.1.1 Low Power Radio Design As discussed in the previous chapter, Low Power Communication is the key to realization Design, Experimentation, Measurement, Performance Keywords Ultra-wideband, distance estimation, concurrent ranging 1 Introduction The recent availability of tiny, low-power ultra-wideband (UWB) radios has renewed interest in this technology, whose Initiator [Ver04] M. Verhelst, W. Vereecken, M. Steyaert, and W. Dehaene, Architectures for low power ultra-wideband impulse radio receivers in the 3.1-5GHz band, Equalization; Full-duplex and flexible duplex system; Iterative processing; Impulse radio; Algorithms for TV whitespace usage; Applications of cognitive radio networks (e.g., Ultra-dense networks; Virtualized resource & virtualized network functions; Architectures and design of low power equipment; Communication Designs. In today's marketplace for emerging communication technologies, the When implemented as impulse radio (IR-UWB) (i.e., where the information is Get this from a library! Design of ultra-low power impulse radios. [Alyssa Apsel; Xiao Wang; Rajeev Dokania] - This book covers the fundamental principles behind the design of ultra-low power radios and how they can form networks to facilitate a variety of US8620394B2 2013-12-31 Method and system for impulse radio wakeup 2016 Design, implementation, and performance evaluation of a flexible 2014 An ultra low power high sensitivity wake-up radio receiver with addressing capability.

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